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What's Causing Smells Inside My Car?

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If you're noticing unusual smells inside your car or truck there can be a range of causes. Unusual odors are often caused by fluid leaks, malfunctioning components or overheating. Here are a few of the most common causes of vehicle smells.

Fluid Leaks - While fuel line leaks can be instantly recognizable from the smell of gasoline, the source of other smells can be harder to determine. Is it a sweet smell? This could indicate a coolant leak caused by a leaking radiator, hose or gasket.

Exhaust Leaks - If you smell exhaust fumes inside the car it's important to have the car serviced right away. Engine exhaust contains Carbon Monoxide (CO) which can be deadly in the confined space of a car.

Battery - An overcharged battery can smell like rotton eggs or sulphur.

Catalytic Converter - Another common source of sulphur smells is a catalytic converter that is malfunctioning.

Brakes - When brakes overheat that can cause a burning rubber or wood smell inside the car. Letting the brakes cool down can eliminate the smell. If the smell persists it could be a stuck brake caliper that needs service.

Oil - Hot oil smells can be cause by failed gaskets or seals where leaking oil is coming into contact with hot engine surfaces.

A/C - A musty odor from the air vents can be caused by a buildup on the A/C evaporator. If the vehicle has a cabin air filter, it may be dirty and need replacing.

If you are experiencing unusual smells from your car, stop by Parkway Auto Care for service.

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