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Dashboard Warning Lights You Should Not Ignore

When starting your car or truck your dashboard will briefly light up for 3-4 seconds with a range of warning lights and symbols. While the type of warning lights you'll see will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, there are many that are common among all vehicles.

Generally, a red warning light indicates that there is a hazardous condition that should be checked right away. A yellow or orange light is a warning that should be checked as soon as it's convenient. A green or blue light indicates that an accessory is on and operating, such as lights, AC, defroster, etc. If red or yellow lights are staying lit, it's important to find out what the cause is to prevent unsafe driving conditions or damage to the vehicle.

check engine lightEngine Symbol or "Check Engine" Light

The check engine light will stay lit when there is a problem detected with the engine or the emissions system.


abs warning lightAnti-lock Braking System (ABS) Light

An ABS light that stays lit indicates there is an problem detected with the anti-lock brakes.


 airbag warning lightAirbag Light

The airbag light indicates that there is an issue with the airbag system. The airbags will not deploy in the event of an accident. In some vehicles the airbag light when the airbag is disabled for the front passenger seat.

oil pressure lightOil Pressure Warning

A red oil pressure light will warn of low oil pressure in the engine. The engine should be shut off immediately to avoid damage.

battery charge warningBattery Charge Warning

The battery charge warning symbol indicated that the generator is not able to charge the battery sufficiently. Because this can cause the engine to shut down, the battery should be checked as soon as possible.

coolant temperature lightCoolant Temperature Warning Light

The engine temperature warning light will alert you when the engine coolant temperature is excessively high. The engine should be shut off immediately to avoid damage.

tire pressure warning lightTire Pressure Warning Light

The tire pressure warning light will stay lit when one or more tires has low pressure, or when a pressure sensor is malfunctioning. Check the tire pressure and add air if needed before driving the vehicle.

traction control lightTraction Control/ESP Light

An ESP or Traction control light will stay lit when there is an issue with the traction control system. The traction control system will not work when the light is on.

These are only a few of the common warning lights you many see on your dashboard. If you see a red or yellow warning light that you don't recognize, consult your owner's manual for information. If the warning light is on for a problem that requires attention, stop by Parkway Auto Care. We can run a diagnostic test and recommend any needed repairs to fix the problem.

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