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Saint Paul timing belt replacement

What is a Timing Belt?

A timing belt is a reinforced rubber belt that manages the movement of the camshaft and crankshaft to keep your engine's intake and exhaust valves synchronized.

When Should I Replace My Vehicle's Timing Belt?

If the engine is equipped with a timing belt, check the manufacturer's recommended service schedule. Manufacturers typically recommend replacing timing belts at between 60,000 to 90,000 miles. For other vehicles, a timing belt inspection is recommended every 15,000 miles and the belt is replaced when it shows signs of excessive wear.

Signs That a Timing Chain Is About to Fail or Has Failed

Timing belts will sometimes skip, causing the engine to hesitate. A worn timing belt that has stretched or has worn out teeth can cause the engine to run poorly. In most cases when the timing belt breaks the engine will stop abruptly. However, you may hear engine noises such as banging or clanking, which can occur when pistons and valves collide. This often happens with engines that have an interference design, where a belt failure can cause engine damage.

If your car has an interference engine, it's important to replace the timing belt as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent engine damage in the event of a timing belt failure. If you notice signs that your timing belt is failing it's important to stop driving the vehicle and have it inspected by a mechanic. If the belt were to fail at high speed, you could suddenly lose power, resulting in an accident.

What's Included With a Timing Belt Replacement?

On some vehicles, the timing belt drives the engine’s water pump. Because the components are interrelated, mechanics will usually recommend replacing the water pump at the same time that the timing belt is replaced. Other components that are typically replaced with the timing belt include idler pulleys and the belt tensioner.

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