Saint Paul Smog & Emissions Testing Service

Saint Paul smog emissions testing service

Although Minnesota and the Ramsey County DMV no longer require vehicles to undergo an emissions test to renew license tabs, you may still need to have your car or truck tested and repaired if it is producing excessive pollution.

Is Your “Check Engine” Light On?

If your check engine light is on, your vehicle will fail an emissions test. Engines are complicated and the light could come on for many reasons, so you will need a diagnostic test to determine the exact cause. The most common cause of a check engine light turning on is a faulty oxygen sensor. A failed oxygen sensor can damage your catalytic converter, so it should be replaced if it is found to be faulty.

Another thing to check is your gas cap. Ensure that it's tightened to 3 "clicks". Gas cap gaskets can wear out over time, so it's a good idea to replace them every 50,000 miles.

If your car idles rough or makes loud rattles, your exhaust system may be at fault. The technicians at Parkway Auto Care can check your muffler, catalytic converter, mounting hardware and other components to ensure it's in good working order.

Emissions inspections help ensure that your car’s engine not emitting excessive pollutants into the air that can cause pollution and health problems in our community. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your vehicle does not produce excess smog and wasting fuel:

  • Keep your vehicle's engine tuned and performing properly by ensuring it has adequate oil levels, good spark plugs, fuel and air filters
  • Keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure, checking them at least monthly
  • Follow all speed limits, and do not accelerate unnecessarily
  • Plan your driving time and route to avoid traffic, and group errands, work, and other trips together


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