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Flushing your car's cooling system is an important scheduled maintenance service that helps ensure that the engine does not overheat. Engine coolant circulates throughout the engine to maintain the correct operating temperature. Over time the coolant breaks down and becomes contaminated with scale and rust. This residue can cause clogs in the cooling system, preventing the coolant from circulating. When the coolant cannot circulate, the result is damage to the cooling system components.

How Often Should Engine Coolant Be Replaced?

Generally, it's best to replace the coolant every 40,000-50,000 miles. Check your vehicle's service maintenance schedule to see how often the manufacturer recommends replacing the coolant.

If your vehicle is equipped with a low coolant sensing system a light will come on indicating that the cooling system should be inspected for leaks or other possible causes for the low coolant level.

If your car is low on engine coolant, is overheating, or just needs scheduled cooling system maintenance, call Parkway Auto Care. Help is right around the corner.



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